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Down Sunshine Lane

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hand painted

glass needle minders

Find Studio 1153 Designs in These Fine Stores

The Monkey Grinder

29 West Rigby Street

Manning, SC 29102


Tuesday - Saturday

10:00am - 5:00pm

Society 6

online only

apparel, home decor,



online only

apparel, home decor,


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Studio 1153 would be honored to be an artisan supplier to your independent brick and mortar store and it is my hope Studio1153 will be your favorite "handmade only" company to work with. (At this time we only ship within the USA.)


My goal is to help independent brick and mortar retailers offer their customers unique treasures that can't be found in the mass market.


Thank you for your interest in my designs. I hope to find a home with your shop and bring my one of a kind art to your customers.

Feel free to use our contact form, email or phone for wholesale inquiries.