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contemporary and modern designs

Whether decorating your living room, bedroom, kitchen or a child’s room, wall art is the easiest way to add the finishing touch to your home decor. Don’t be afraid to mix it up; an eclectic mix of different styles looks great if unified by a common color or theme.

Choosing a color palette can be one of the most daunting facets of designing your interiors. The amount of varying shades of paint that are available at your local home improvement store can seem absolutely endless.  It can be difficult to narrow down the possibilities into the colors that best fit your vision for the space.

Our best advice is to leave the paint chips behind and focus on searching for wall art instead. Once you select a Studio 1153 print or original that you absolutely love, you can use that as the inspiration for your your room’s eventual color palette.

Every room needs a focal point, or a single design element that will instantly draw the eye into the space and give the viewer a sense of what to expect. It goes without saying that a great piece of wall art from Studio 1153 could easily fill this position.  

Personalize your home 

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