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hello from Studio 1153

According to Albert Einstein, logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere.  Me, I am just a girl with a wild imagination.

Studio 1153 is a South Carolina-based art line designed and crafted by Lori Levine (that's me!)

With an interest in abstract art, an eye for details and the love of creating things by hand, I have been working in various mediums for many years. I began painting with alcohol ink in 2017, which led to a newfound passion for designing and hand painting glass jewelry.

My art is influenced by the astounding allure of nature and the inner beauty of living souls. I am inspired by toasted autumn leaves, underwater corals, rolling blue waves, magnificent golden sunsets or the glistening indigo moonlight; and, most importantly, by what is seen and felt in the heart.

I am a self-taught abstract artist with imaginative visions.  Every piece of art brings new challenges and perspectives as alcohol ink rarely responds the same way twice.  It may have been painted in my vision, but as they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," so you determine what you see within each piece.

I want my jewelry to be viewed as elegant and yet playful, unique and inspiring, creative and encouraging, fresh and celebratory.

When I am not creating, I am thinking about creating.  I experiment,
take risks, break the rules, and when I make mistakes, I make it part of my art.

My passion and ultimate goal is to design art for your mind, your soul and your spirit. Art makes my soul grow and if I happen to make a living from it, then I will be ever so more grateful.

Jewelry and art designer by a girl with a wild imagination

 welcome to the home of studio 1153

my inspiration to create.jpg
Pendant 250 - Bloom From Within 250 - je
Pendant 193 - Blue on Blue - jewelry des
Bracelet B020 - Magic B020 - bracelet de
Pendant 243 - The Night Garden 243 - jew
Pendant 188 - Free Spirit jewelry Studio1153
Pendant Solace in the Garden by Studio 1153
leads me to create to inspire.jpg
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