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You need the sea because it teaches you.  Studio 1153's jewelry is designed to inspire, encourage and celebrate all women.  Every design, influenced by life, embodies a feeling, a story, a meaning. This hand painted glass pendant, Sea Glass, is unique and its exact design cannot be replicated. 

Sea Glass 185 - Hand Painted Glass Jewelry Pendant and Necklace

SKU: 100200185
  • Hand Painted Glass Jewelry Pendant and Necklace - Broken glass surviving rip tides and depths unknown. Shattered. Abandoned. Exiled. Jagged edges soften, transformed by waves and mother nature. Each piece goes from trash to treasure. This is the ocean’s way of teaching us if given something breakable, it may be turned into something beautiful. The sea puts your life into perspective.  This 3/4" x 1-1/4" glass pendant in various shades of green, is hand painted with alcohol ink.  It is adorned with a silver bail and comes with a silver plated 18" snake chain.  The necklace is readily available as a gift as it comes with a jewelry pouch inside a jewelry box.  Although the pendant is sealed, alcohol based products (perfumes, hand gel sanitizers, etc.) may wear away the sealer and the alcohol ink if the pendant comes in contact with these kinds of solvents.  Please remember, it is best not to spray colognes or perfumes near the pendant. Also, please do not shower with or immerse the pendant as it is not waterproof.

  • Returns will be accepted if Studio 1153 is contacted within seven (7) days of receipt of order.

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