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Tail Waggin' Designs

Your dog should be able to express their unique and amazing personality simply by what they're wearing. That's why my original art is now available on items designed specifically for your furbaby!

Your pup will have the hottest, most vivid and noticeable accessory with a bandana design by Studio 1153.

The bandanas are so unique, you most likely will not run into another pup with the same fashion sense! Not only are bandanas a cute accessory but did you know some vets recommend adding your scent to the bandana to help your dog cope with anxious situations (such as long car rides.)

Don’t want to have your pup dressing cooler than you? Our designs are available on human attire and accessories too!

My “Wild Flowers” art is now available on a bandana through

Designed for the pup who likes to stop and smell the flowers!

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