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Creativity Takes Courage

The quote from Henri Matisse rings true for every artist.

Creativity is innate in all of us, even when we don’t have enough confidence in ourselves to believe it. If you search within, you would be surprised to find your mind filled with wonderful ideas.

An artist is one who does not always conform to what the world desires, but one who focuses more on their own expression of art, something close to their heart. It takes strength to put those ideas to the test by putting them out in the world as we all have fear of being judged. One cannot fear rejection for, if so, you will not try at all.

Opinions are very subjective. What may draw great admiration from one group might not from another. Most of us realize it is difficult to make everyone happy. Today, due to technology (i.e., social media) an artist’s ideas have a much large range to reach their audience.

How an artist reacts to the world’s opinions is within their own power.

Use your inner strength to listen to both praise and critique as even criticism will help to hone your skills.

So instill positivity within, be resilient and continue to create.

And remember, you are enough.

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