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Have no fear when it comes to mixing styles. Blending new with old creates timeless, classy and elegant designs.

The custom jewelry by Studio 1153 and Fork In The Road will ensure you will be wearing an eye catching design with character that any person observing your look will truly admire and love. These enduring pieces may be used as a beautiful addition to your business attire, Sunday brunch outfit or even if you are dressed for an evening on the town.

Handcrafted artisan jewelry is synonymous with quality, where the craftsman values a higher level of materials, detail and creativity.  It often has a background to it, a meaning; something that inspired the designer to make it.


When you buy a piece from a custom jewelry designer, you are buying the piece and the story behind its creation. The same is true when you shop at Studio 1153.

Contact me today to create your custom design.

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