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Handcrafted artisan jewelry is synonymous with quality, where the craftsman values a higher level of materials, detail and creativity.  It often has a background to it, a meaning; something that inspired the designer to make it. When you buy a piece from a custom jewelry designer, you are buying the piece and the story behind its creation.

The same is true when you shop at Studio 1153.  The pendants and bracelets have their own inspirational story included in the jewelry box.  They are unique, gorgeous and one of a kind.  You will find the designs will run the gamut from casual and fun to beautifully formal.

Choose the jewelry that best suits your style and taste and you will own a unique piece of art to adorn your body. Each piece is hand painted from start to finish.  The glass tiles showcase vibrant, original abstractions that are eye-catching and colorful.  Their unique beauty will be admired by all.

So, why wear a boring, everyday, run of the mill piece of jewelry when you can have a one of a kind design from Studio 1153 that will make everyone stop, stare and be jealous they didn't buy it before you.l




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