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Hand Painted Glass Pendant-Deep Ocean of Secrets
Splashes and Waves - Painting

Beautiful, funky, whimsical and versatile

works of art may be found at Studio 1153.

As you view this site, I hope you are inspired by my designs,

that you may truly feel what I feel when I design each piece of art,

that you see what I see and that the words that

are written reach your heart and soul.  

I believe art has the power to elevate your mood,

to empower positive thinking and to remind you of all the

wonderful things you may seek in this world

Love. Kindness. Gratitude, Inspiration, Encouragement, 

and Lifelong Friendships. 

No matter your personal preference or style, nor whether

my jewelry designs and accessories are worn by you or

a loved one, or my abstract art is bringing excitement to your

walls, I hope all that is available will bring

comfort and joy to your life.

designs to love for a lifetime.jpg
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